Photo: Bridget Hearne



Benefits For The Ballet Student
Each student who takes part in the creative process gains a performance quality that gives them an incredible all round confidence, stage presence and assurance, not only on stage but in life.
Students gain more self-discipline and not just when they are dancing, but a discipline within themselves and as a result they conduct themselves with self- possession.

They become more practically self-reliant by knowing where they are going and which rehearsal they are attending at any given time.

They learn the meaning of dance enjoyment through the excitement of the performing, and as a result generate enthusiasm among themselves, to parents and audiences.

Most students attain a higher level of ballet technique, learning attention to technical detail. Many go on to vocational schools and gain scholarships. They form new relationships and make new friends. Each student is presented with a certificate of merit when they complete their performances. Some receive special progress prizes according to the Choreographer’s and Director’s recommendations.

It is hard work, with results that make the work worthwhile.