Care for your dancewear & pointe shoes

To make sure your leotards and tights last longer you should practice keeping them in good condition…

  • Wash your leotard and tights after every day of rehearsal.
  • If your tights develop a small hole, don’t throw them out. Simply apply a dap of clear nail polish to the hole to stop it from running, or sew the hole shut if it’s bigger.
  • It is advisable to write your name in your leotard, tights, and warm-ups, especially if it’s an EYB T-shirt as many others around you will be wearing one!
  • Girls who use pointe shoes may find that they become soft quickly when they rehearse everyday in them. It is important that you allow the shoes to dry out at the end of each rehearsal day by removing any padding or toe caps left inside. If the tip on the shoe has become soft, some dancers use a wood hardener made by Ronseal called Wet Rot Wood Hardener. It comes in a green tin and can be purchased from most hardware stores. Pour 3 tablespoons into the end (block) of each shoe, and make sure it has coated the area you wish to harden. Leave it over night in a dry place. This should extend the life of your shoes by several days.