December 2014

Hi Again

Well what a manic end to what was a very hectic year! Our projects in in Crawley and Woking overlapped so for one weekend we had to split into two teams and as Brenden was unavailable to teach for both projects or perform in Coppelia we welcomed back Mathew to perform Franz in Crawley and Lorien to set the Hungarian Dance and Stagehand dance in Swan Lake. It was lovely to have them back in the fold briefly and good of them to find time to help out! Our new principals Adele and Monica had a mountain to climb learning the two productions at the same time and in the middle of all that all the principals had to learn new roles in all the pieces in our “Virtuoso” show at the Queens Hall Theatre Cranbrook. Lots of blood, sweat and tears but all made very strong debuts in their new roles including Richard who danced the Prince in Swan Lake for the first time and Amy who did her first White Swan. Good team!

The performances in both Crawley and Woking were very strong and it was nice to finish the year the way we started with packed houses for Swan Lake. It has proved to be a massive hit for us and the reception at the end of the shows from the audience is quite overwhelming! Also overwhelming is the generosity of the patrons to our appeals for the local children’s wards we collect for. It is very humbling how much people are willing to give in such hard times.

We had problems with councils again, in Woking they descended on the theatre to inspect and started wandering around without introducing themselves to us which I thought was incredibly rude and it was quite upsetting for some of the students. Unbelievable. Next year is now fully booked up and 2016 is well on it’s way, strong auditions in Southsea and Aylesbury already done so EYB marches on and we look forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new ones in the New Year!

In Crawley commendations went to Leonie Kwayie and Emma Mackay (2 Bar Maids), All the villagers for lots of energy, Sophie Urion (Work Hour), Amy Pickup (Main Friend), Keira Sharp (Spanish Doll/Night Hour) and it was noted that all pointe work had improved. The Junior Prize went to Kendra Betchley (Betrothal) for great performance quality, the Senior Prize went to Olivia Thompson (Little Friend) and Miss Lewis’ Special Prize went to Zoe Snowball (Coppelia Doll) for excellent technique and improvement.

In Woking commendations went to Arabella Henderson (Swan), Farah Bisada (first Swan on), Montanna Springer (Silver Swan), Tilly Lukeman (Swan), Megan Hondius (Little Mariinsky), Rose Roberts (Courtier) all for Performance quality. The group work was excellent from the Swans and Courtiers. The Cygnets were commented for their very sharp footwork and head movements.

The Junior Prize went to Elizabeth Friend-Smith (Courtier) for good use of top of body and portraying the Courtier character very well, the Senior Prize went to Holly Williams (Italian Princess and Neapolitan Dance) for very assured strong technique and a lovely smile and Miss Lewis’ Special Prize went to Dylan Springer (Stage Hand/Hungarian) for style and Performance quality.

I have heard from Dan Loony that he is to be joining the cast for the “Book of Mormon” in London’s West end and I would like to wish all our Principals and Students past and present who are performing over the festive season here and in far flung places around the world successful and fun runs! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year (With lots of hard work as usual)