Will EYB help me with a career in dance?

  Miss Lewis now conducts official consultations
  and individual assessments to advise parents
  about their children.
Please contact Miss Lewis
  personally by telephone (01689 856747) or
email if you are interested in booking an


Who can apply?
Any dance student between ages 8-18 who has to have done some ballet Grade 1/2 minimum. Some male drama students age 12 - 18 are needed in Nutcracker to play Fathers or the Mouse King.

Do I need to have passed ballet exams?
You do not need to have taken ballet exams. Some ballet schools do not do exams, but you do need to have had some ballet training.

What is my commitment?
Commitment is a casting day plus 10 sessions.

Are there any bursaries and scholarships available?
There is one Junior and Senior full scholarships available and one Juior and Senior half Scholarship available that are awarded.
The EYB Regional Development Trust has been set up and is currently engaged in raising sponsorship for more bursaries for the children.
Please contact Anthony Burke - Senior Trustee by email for details.

How is the EYB funded?
EYB is not government funded. The Company is financed by fees and box office income fom the theatres in which we perform.

What do I have to bring to the audition?
Refer to audition procedure sheet.

Do I supply my own make-up for performance?
Students do have to provide their own make up for the performances.

Will EYB help me with a career in dance?
Any student who takes part in an EYB performance is given a confidence boost and an enormous sense of achievement which helps with any future they may have in dance.
With so many parents wishing to know whether their child has the potential for a professional career in dance, Miss Lewis now conducts official consultations and individual .assessments to advise parents about their children.
Please contact Miss Lewis personally by telephone (01689 856747) or email if you are interested in booking an appointment. The assessment takes up to two hours with interviews and a written report is given. There is a small fee for this service

Do students have to have a dance prepared for the audition?
No, the audition takes the format of a ballet class.

What do the students wear for the audition?
Wear what you would wear for a ballet exam. Hair needs to be neat, and if possible pulled back in a bun.

Are all the children in every performance?
Yes, they are in two acts and the finale in every performance.

What is a dance belt?
It is a traditional undergarment that male dancers wear under their tights.

How do you make your pointe shoes last?
Use Ronseal wet rot wood hardener, pour into the toes of the pointe shoe. This can be bought from any hardware store.

Where do we buy tickets for the performances?
From the box office of the theatre where the performance is being staged. All details available on Booking section of this website