The English Youth Ballet is now well-established for the production of full length classical ballets in the regional theatres of the UK.
The Company uses 100 young dancers chosen by audition from within an 80-100 mile radius of the theatre in the area, therefore giving young ballet dancers the opportunity to experience the creative process from rehearsal to performance in our exciting productions.
Auditions take place either on stage at a regional theatre or in a school in the town where performances will take place.

Due to the present situation in the country that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused, English Youth Ballet has been obliged to consider the options of a new way of working until such time as we can be allowed to audition in theatres again.
With the numbers of up to 200 children who attend our auditions we cannot carry our auditions out adequately at present with social distancing in place and therefore we are not allowed to hold our auditions on stage.

As an alternative we are asking children to audition by an online video-film.

Once you complete the Registration form and return to with the Audition fee of £15 EYB will send a receipt letter and LINK to enable access the Junior or Senior audition steps.

On the link you will see Julianne Rice-Oxley, our Ballet Mistress has demonstrated the five sequences of steps for either the Junior (ages 8-11yr) or the Senior audition steps (ages 12-18 yrs).
Once learnt and practised, we ask you to return your video file by email.
You will hear result of your audition within 8 days

English Youth Ballet has been successfully teaching and nurturing children in their love of classical ballet for the past 21 years and it is important that we continue to do this in whatever way we can.

We are determined to sustain EYB’s activities through to the finale of the pandemic.

The two auditions take the format of an hour and a half ballet class each.
Juniors Age 8-11yrs . Seniors age 12 – 18yrs
The minimum age and Grade is 8 years and Grade 1 or 2. No dance needs to be pre-prepared.
The audition is designed to be an experience in itself and when space allows we like parents to watch. The English Youth Ballet motto is Dance Performance Experience Nationwide beginning with an ‘audition performance’
Students are expected to wear what they would wear for their ballet classes/ballet exams. The Audition Registration fee is £15.00.
It is advisable to register in advance of the audition to be placed on our audition register.
Audition information for EYB productions is only available from the EYB office or this website and not from the venue where the audition will be held.

The fee for the Performance Course in 2020 is £495 payable in full or by instalments and in advance.
There is a 20% reduction for siblings. There are three Junior and three Senior half scholarships available
This is inclusive of all tuition, costume and production costs (not ballet/character shoes).
Three rehearsals take place simultaneously always preceded by a ballet class.

Each student who takes part in the creative process gains a performance quality that gives them an incredible all round confidence, stage presence and assurance, not only on stage but in life.
Students gain more self-discipline and become more self- reliant and gain self – possession.
They learn the meaning of dance enjoyment through self -expression and movement and the excitement of the performing.
Most students attain a higher level of ballet technique, learning attention to technical detail.
As a result of the inspiration that EYB gives, many young dancers go on to vocational schools and into the dance profession.

How to request an Audition Registration form and project details for a specific venue, please click on the link under Audition Dates