Click here to view Fundraising items for sale. Due to the Covid’19 lockdown, all ballet, opera, drama, musicals and orchestras are at a standstill both artistically and financially. It is a fact that nearly one third of our large population in Britain attends theatre performances, but due to its reliance on large audiences gathered together and productions on stage, its very nature makes social distancing a challenge! The longer lockdown goes on the harder it is for the arts to survive and as a result there are many requests form theatres and companies for donations to help their survival.
English Youth Ballet is not asking for direct donations – but to help EYB sustain its operations during this difficult time we have some EYB merchandise for sale.
We will consider offering other merchandise so if you can think of any good ideas please let us know.
Click on the link for details and to make an order.

The English Youth Ballet Regional Development Trust which has been set up as a financial back-up for the future of promising young ballet dancers.

The aims of the trust are to expand the Company’s repertoire and enable new productions and scholarships to be brought before our students and audiences.

The Trust will help to offset rising costs and allow us to keep any fee increases to a minimum. The Trust aims to bring the benefits and appreciation of EYB to wider audiences and develop and encourage young dancers in furthering their future in ballet.

To these ends we do encourage you to subscribe to EYB’s new development trust and help us to take EYB into an exciting future. All levels of contributions will be gratefully received.

For more information or if you wish to make a donation please contact the EYB Office on 07847 741387 or email Anthony Burke, Senior Trustee. Email: tr.burke@hotmail.com