English Youth Ballet’s thrilling new production of Cinderella in Hollywood is set in the glamorous era of Hollywood movies in the fifties. This lavish production draws its inspiration from the film star Grace Kelly who met Prince Rainier of Monaco at a Press party and later married him.

Cinderella is a seamstress on a film set and the ‘Fairy Godmother’ is her late mother and a former movie star of the thirties. Her Wicked Sisters are Hollywood starlets competing with each other to star in the Director’s new film. The Sisters after choosing their new outfits for the forthcoming Press Party viciously tear up Cinderella’s invitation and rip her late Mother’s dress that she was going to wear.
Her Father cheers her up by looking at movies of the thirties out of which her Mother appears and together with her friends Cinderella is given a beautiful outfit and is driven to the party after all.

The Prince meets Cinderella at the press party but at midnight she flees from the scene leaving a sparkly silver pointe shoe as the only clue to her identity. In search of his love all ends well when the shoe fits and she and the Prince are re-united.
The music unusually combines Shostakovich jazz suites with tunes from Hollywood films, Tea For Two, China Town and Dancing In the Dark. This promises to be a dazzling production with stunningly striking costumes and wonderful dancing.

“The English Youth Ballet’s Cinderella in Hollywood was a joy to watch from start to finish” Eastern Daily Press